Michelle York Designs

My father made Crystal Chandeliers. As a child I would sit by his workbench and, watch with fascination, as he twisted bits of wire and made beautiful masterpieces. He would give me an old pair of pliers and some crystals & wire to play with. Looking back, that´s how it all started.

I have been making jewelry for over 25 years.

The simplicity of thread, wire, some beads, tools & time fascinates me.

I enjoy working with semi-precious stones for their color, beauty and healing abilities. I also use glass and other materials, as they have colors and sparkles that are not always available in real gemstones.

I have created many pieces for the TV and Film industry. It is such a thrill to see one´s work on the ´big screen´.

I do all the beadwork and my partner does all the metal and woodwork. It´s a great collaboration.

My clients appreciate that what they are getting from me are individual hand-made pieces. Nothing is manufactured.

I make jewelry that is artistic, interesting and beautiful just like those who wear my pieces.

The prices of the pieces, I believe, are fair and reasonable.

I love when my jewelry is given as gifts as ´Giving Brightens the Light of Life´.

I do not follow ´trends´...I make jewelry that I would like to wear or own myself.

I am constantly designing new pieces. Come back and visit often.


Throughout time, women have decorated themselves. I do understand that in these difficult times that we are now in, that jewelry is definitely not a priority in most peoples lives; but sometimes we need something to brighten our lives and make us feel a little better, I know that when I put on a piece of jewelry that I like, the colors, the style, it does something for me. I feel different and my attitude changes. When I feel good about myself it affects everything.









Wire-Woven Cuffs