Michelle York Designs

Being of Italian Descent I use my hands a lot when I talk so I wear bracelets quite a bit. When I get an idea for a piece of beaded jewelry I usually make the piece first as a bracelet to see if it will work. That way, I have a pattern for a necklace. Any of the bracelets you see here can be done as a necklace, although not necessarily with the same beads. That´s your part of the CREATIVE PROCESS. You may see a style you like and want it in a different color combination. I can do that for you. Contact me and we can talk about it. If you want it to go with a particular outfit you can send me a picture with the colors you want. You can also send me a piece of fabric you want to match up or send me your own beads and I will use those to make ´something special´ for you. I love to collaborate...

All the bracelets are a standard size of 7½"


Bracelet - Triple Strand Turquoise

3 strands of turquoise: nuggets, rondelles, and round beads all strung on red thread. It has a Tibetan or Native American feel to it. The toggle is a mother-of-pearl vintage button.
140- US$


Bracelet - Mixed Brights

Woven semi-precious beads with a toggle of carved Aquamarine and a tassle of mixed beads.
80- US$


Bracelet - Fancy Jasper

Pastel shades of Jasper and mixed baubles are wire-wrapped on silver wire and silver head pins. A simple silver toggle completes this soft & subtle bracelet.
80- US$


Bracelet - Shell

The vibrant colors of New Zealand Paua shell are complemented by teal-colored pearls and turquoise beads. Wire-wrapped on silver wire with a simple silver toggle.
80- US$


Bracelet - African Agate

4 Strands of faceted African Agate rondelles are woven to makes this subtle yet dramatic bracelet. Stripes of brown, beige, and white are what make this semi-precious stone so unique. Finished with a hand-made hammered silver toggle.
160- US$


Bracelet - Oceana

Strands of Amazonite & Peridot are threaded through a faceted Aquamarine rondelle. An Aquamarine nugget is used for the closure.
80- US$


Bracelet - Black Onyx

Black onyx round beads are woven together and a colored mix of semi-precious stones are added individually afterwards. A hand-made hammered silver toggle finishes the bracelet.
80- US$


Bracelet - Triple Strand Quartz

3 Strands of round quartz crystal beads are knotted on multi-colored threads. A hand-made hammered silver toggle finishes the bracelet.
130- US$


Bracelet - Limon

Wire wrapped Yellow Jade beads with Mother-of-Pearl baubles with simple silver toggle closure.
80- US$


Bracelet - Carnelia

Clear Carnelian beads are wirewrapped on silver wire with faceted garnet on silver pins. Silver toggle closure.
80- US$


Bracelet - Teal Turquoise

Teal pearls are threaded on 8 strands of thread into a single yellow turquoise bead. Closure is a turquoise bead with some teal pearl dangles.
80- US$


Bracelet - Jade Garden

I have a collection of random beads that I keep for bracelets & necklaces like this style. It is so much fun to make, although time-consuming and uses a lot of head pins. There is a necklace that matches this bracelet which is 60" long (you can have it as a 16" one if you like).
90- US$


Bracelet - Mother of Pearl

This woven style has a hand-hammered silver toggle. I liked the mix of colors of the threads. It reminded me of rag rugs that my grandmother used to make.
80- US$


Bracelet - Labradorite

Labradorite is a stone that comes from Labrador in Canada. I like the subtle combination of the platinum pearls and the gray stone. A simple silver toggle finishes it.
80- US$


Bracelet - Yellow Jade

I used 2 strands of thread for each line of beads and added smaller beads as touches of color for this bracelet.
90- US$


Bracelet - Azurite

Azurite is such an interesting stone. A combination of LapisLazuli, malachite & turquoise. Coral, Turquoise, Blue Agate & Jade baubles compliment it well.
80- US$


Bracelet - Jasper

Jasper & Turquoise nuggets compliment each other in this woven bracelet. Jasper has the most amazing patterns in each bead.
70- US$


Bracelet - Abalone

The colors in the Abalone shell are so delicate. The baubles are platinum colored pearls.
80- US$


Bracelet - Teal Butterfly

The color of this pearl is one of my favorites. They are top-drilled and when they are woven they give a really interesting effect. This style uses more beads takes more time to make than an ordinary knotted bracelet.
90- US$


Bracelet - Citrine

When I first started doing this sytle of woven jewelry people would say to me, "I can see the thread!". My response was, "you're supposed to."
80- US$


Bracelet - Crystal Tube

These crystal square tubes sit well with the gold spacer bars. This bracelet can be made with any bead (I used cranberry colored pearls on this one). The gold beads at the end came from India. The box clasp is gold-filled and is easy to put on and take off. There is a ´click´ one has to hear to make sure it is secure.
70- US$


Bracelet - Rock Opal

This stone comes from Brazil. I knotted it and added the individual beads after it was finished. The diamond-shaped stones are Amber, mixed in with pearls and assorted stones.
90- US$


Bracelet - Rutilated Gold Quartz

Shards of gold appear naturally in this quartz crystal. I hand-hammered the clasp.
60- US$


Bracelet - Chain

4 strands of silver chain w/ a tassle ending with small silver balls for accents. A silver lobster clasp hooks it together.
80- US$