Michelle York Designs


bridal Earring - Valerie

Clusters of pearls like grapes on a stem.
Length: 1½"
90- US$


bridal Earring - Daphne

The silver pins and wire were intentionally oxidized to appear as antique.
Length: 2"
90- US$


bridal Earring - Camille

Silver wire is woven to give a lacy effect to these earrings. Other stones may be used to match dress colors for bridesmaids' gifts. Also available in gold-filled wire.
Length: 2" (including ear wire, and can be made smaller)
90- US$


bridal Earring - Belinda

Teardrop shaped earring available in silver and edging can be done in Swarovksi crystals (every color imaginable is available).
Length: 2" (they can be made smaller)
95- US$


bridal Earring - Elena

The silver beads can be replaced with crystal or pearl for a delicate, simple earring.
(Approximately the size of a 25-cent coin)
65- US$


bridal Earring - Skylar

This particular pair of earrings is made of pink Chalcedony and pretty pink pearls.
Length: 2" (including ear wire)
75- US$


bridal Earring - christi

A simple style of pearl earring that can be done in many different colors. I thought the chain had an ‘Art Deco’ feel to it. I oxidized it to look like a vintage piece.
Length: 1¾" (including ear wire)
65- US$


bridal Earring - Angel

This is a variation of Christi.
Length: 2" (including ear wire)
65- US$


bridal Earring - Mimi

This is ‘Elena’ style done in gold-filled wire and beads.
(Approximately the size of a 25-cent coin)
75- US$


bridal Earring - Kara

This is the same style as Camille, Mimi, and Elena done in different sizes and with silver bead surrounds.
2" circle
90- US$


bridal Earring - Mimi 3x

‘Mimi’ style earrings surrounded with clear swarovski crystal. They look lovely with an ‘upswept hairdo’ and a strapless gown.
Length: 3¾" (including ear wire)
180- US$