Michelle York Designs


bridal Necklace - Cate

I love how this necklace looks. I do not know how well it shows in the photograph but the crystals sparkle so much. I can do this in silver wire as well, with any bead ‘surrounds’. The chain is very delicate with the same size pearls wire-wrapped onto the chain. The clasp is also a kind of ‘filigree’
Length: 16" (Pendant length - 2")
220- US$


Bridal Necklace - Cybil

Pearls and Rose Quartz are woven in a unique pattern. This style may be ordered in other color beads. This style looks especially good in an 18" or 20" style.
260- US$


bridal Necklace - Greer

This collar can be worn high on the throat or it can be ‘eased’ to sit lower on the neck. Very impressive.
Length: 15"
300- US$


bridal Necklace - Emma

This is a sample style. It can be ordered in many different combinations. You could have it made with all crystals or all pearls, (real or faux) or a combination of both. You will get exactly what you want to have the feeling of Princess! Looks wonderful in all lengths. Myself, I like it as an 18" necklace.
(Price dependent on materials used)
280- US$


bridal Necklace - Oriana

Order this style with crystals, pearls or a combination. This necklace is pink chalcedony with rose quartz ‘baubles’.
Length: 16"
220- US$


bridal Necklace - Aria

Mother-of-Pearl beads in 2 sizes make up this unusual necklace. This is an original design of mine and it can be ordered in many other stones like crystal, pearls, moonstones, garnets etc. It may also be made in smaller size stones for a more delicate look.
Length: 18"
180- US$


bridal Necklace - Celeste

I wove this collar and centerpiece using both silver & gold-filled wire; it can be made with either. Faceted silver beads surround the disc. A smaller circle can be used for the centerpiece and the beads surrounding it can be whatever you choose. This is very dramatic and can be worn for all occassions after the wedding. (The disc on its' own can be worn on a black velvet ribbon or a chain.)
Length: 14"
Length (of pendant): 2"
240- US$


bridal Necklace - Brianna

This is the collar that comes from the Celeste necklace.
Length: 16"
200- US$


bridal Necklace - Ondine

This is the most complex and unique necklace I have ever designed. (This sample is done in ‘faux’ pearls.) I can make it for you in crystal or pearl. (Whatever your imagination can come up with.) One extremely long,strong double thread is worked into overlapping loops. It is labor intensive and uses at least 12 strands of 4mm beads and 1 strand of larger beads. If this were too dramatic for you and you would like this style a little more delicate then I can make it so that a group of loops are only in the center, and I would use 3mm beads for the 'loops'. This style is very attractive in 18" or 20" length. (Contact me and we can talk about it.)
450- US$ (price is dependant on bead used)


bridal Necklace - Danica

Wire-wrapped using silver wire, silver pins & pearls with Swarovski crystals. Antiqued finish makes this piece look vintage. This piece can be made in pearls, or all crystal. I can make a simpler variation for your bridesmaids.
Length: 18"
Length (to end of center piece): 22"
350- US$


bridal Necklace - Jacinta

An original style designed by myself. The sample is made with faux pearls. The tassel (which is optional) at the back of the neck gives a very feminine touch to the piece.
Length: 16"
180- US$


bridal Necklace - Paloma

Triple sets of pearls linked to a larger pearl with baubles added. An even larger pearl with many baubles makes the center very attractive. All silver wire and pins are used. I antiqued the wire and pins to give a ‘vintage’ look.
Length: 16"
400- US$


bridal Necklace - Odette

Lariats can be worn so many different ways. This woven style is made with faux pearls and crystals. (It can be ordered with real pearls.) I can also make you a pair of earrings like the drops at the end.
Length: 42"
250- US$ (real pearls)
180- US$ (faux pearls)


bridal Necklace - Raphaela

Wire-wrapped with pearls on silver chain and a woven center with pearl drop and crystal baubles look charming.
Length: 16"
210- US$


bridal Necklace - Valentina

I combined the centerpiece of Paloma with a woven necklace.
Length: 16"
300- US$


bridal Necklace - Capri

All pearls; three strands of mixed woven pearls. The woven loop has small pearls sewn on. A stick pearl completes the closure.
Length: 16"
300- US$