Michelle York Designs

One of the best ways to change the appearance of an outfit is with a necklace. Whether choker style or a long rope (20s´ style) or a Lariat, necklaces have a way of brightening the face, with color or sparkle.

I always feel that my look is ´finished´ when I wear a necklace. The long ropes that I make are usually 60" long and don´t have a clasp. They are just put on and wrapped two or three times around. I make ´random´ pieces quite a bit as I like the way colors mix spontaneously. That´s not to say that I don´t enjoy doing pieces that are structured as to pattern and colors. I like my clients to use their creativity in how they wear my pieces. Some have even threaded the long ropes through belt loops on jeans to make a statement. Twisting the long rope and tying it together with a ribbon, ending with a bow either at the back or the front, like a tie, is another way of wearing these long ropes. Experimenting is fun to do, making these pieces uniquely your own. Wearing two or three at a time is definitely adventurous.

Isn´t that what life is...an adventure?


Jewelry Long Necklace - Christina

Chryosophrase is a wonderful gemstone from Australia. There are so many different shades of green. I brought these stones back with me when I was last there. I used a strong, long wearing thread to knot this necklace. (If you would like a shorter version of this necklace, I am quite willing to make it for you.)
Length: 52"
420- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Olivia

I love this stone... so clear with its bits of moss agate streaked through it. The colors used in the baubles were totally random. The necklace is long enough to be doubled. Silver wire and pins were used. There is a bracelet that matches this necklace.
Length: 42"
560- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Verde

I have had these iridescent green pearls for ages, waiting for the perfect stone to match up with them. These Agates were a perfect combination. I like to make pieces that become ‘favorites’.
Length: 52"
350- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Athena

Grey hematite (Iron Oxide) was used to make this short, woven Lariat. There are a few ways to wear it, which makes it very versatile.
Length: 24"
180- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Gypsy

This is the perfect name for this piece. It was difficult to stop adding things to it. (I can turn this into a short necklace for you or make a bracelet for you.)
Length: 42"
600- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Larissa

This strand blends well with other strands for a dramatic statement or worn by itself fo a more delicate look. Wire-wrapped on silver wire.
Length: 46"
380- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Opal

I used 2 strands for this necklace. I had not realized all the different colors there were in the opal world. (Many more than this.) The white opals have a delicate ‘fire’ in them. These strands are wire-wrapped on 14kt gold-filled wire.
Length: 25" & 26"
400- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Pricilla

I used a mix of semi-precious stones and pearls in this knotted necklace. It is long enough to go 3 times around the neck.
Length: 60"
560- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Bettina

Greens and pinks predominate the mix of colors in this ‘never-to-be-repeated’ woven necklace.
Length: 64"
650- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Jade

These jade beads come from Northern Canada. They have a matte finish but when worn for a while the bodies oil gives them a sheen and a luster. I like to think of this necklace as a garden... A Jade Garden. There is a bracelet to match.
Length: 44"
550- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Calligraphy

There are so many different shapes and sizes of pearls in this necklace. It is so versatile. It looks fantastic mixed with the black LICORICE/CARA necklace.
Length: 66"
400- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Cara

I do like the look of Black Onyx & Crystal wire-wrapped together. Silver wire goes very well with this necklace. (When it´s made with 14kt gold-filled wire it is a completely different look.)
Length: 36"
240- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Licorice

This Black Onyx knotted necklace is a basic staple for any wardrobe.
Length: 34"
220- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Clarity

My Gemini personality allows me to switch from very graphic designs to fantastic arrays of colors very easily. I like the look of this woven necklace so much. It makes a definite statement by not saying anything except ‘GORGEOUS!’
Length: 44"
560- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Ceres

Pearls, pearls and more pearls. This knotted necklace shows a small sample of the mix of colors that are available in the pearl industry today. Worn together with the ‘LARISSA’ necklace it makes for a spectacular look.
(I can make this for you in any color combination you can think of.)
Length: 59"
460- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Frederica

This necklace is so magical. So many colors in this woven rope...
Length: 60"
650- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Davina

Coral is one of the main colors in this necklace along with pearls and a mix of semi-precious stones.
Length: 51"
550- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Antonia

Wire-wrapped with 14kt gold-filled wire, this necklace has a ‘Mediterranean’ feel to it.
Length: 60"
490- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Lucinda

So bright and cheerful is this 14kt gold-filled, wire-wrapped necklace.
Length: 46"
320- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Penelope

This knotted necklace is a perfect combination of pearls & sparkling semi-precious stones.
Length: 46"
600- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Audrey

Jade, Aventurine, Amythest, Turquoise, Pearls, Citrine, Labradorite make this necklace so soft looking.
Length: 66"
650- US$


Jewelry Long Necklace - Elizabeth

Labradorite is one of my favorite gemstones. I have used a mix of shapes, faceted & smooth, along with grey and platinum pearls in this knotted necklace.
Length: 50"
490- US$