Michelle York Designs

All cuffs are a standard length of 6½"


Metal Cuff - Abacus

A silver cuff with faceted coral and round turquoise beads can be replaced with any colors of your choice. A touch of gold wire was used to ‘sew’ the beads. (You can have this style made with different color stones.)
Width: 1½"
250- US$


Metal Cuff - greenbeads

Different sizes of Jade (round and faceted), peridot and iridescent pearls were ‘sewn’ on this narrow silver band.
Width: 1"
160- US$


Metal Cuff - Circus

Hammered silver cuff decorated with pearls, turquoise, amethysts, garnets etc.
Width: 1½"
280- US$


Metal Cuff - Copper

Copper has great healing qualities. When people complain that it marks their arm green, its the copper showing that there is too much acid in the system from an excess of tomatoes, citrus etc. When it doesn't do than any more it means that the body has regulated itself. The silver melon beads were purchased in Santa Fe years ago. They are sewn on with gold-filled wire.
Width: 1½" to 2½"
150- US$


Metal Cuff - Wave

This cuff is made of nickel, also called ‘German Silver’. I like to use it as it has the appearence of Pewter.
Width: 1½"
180- US$


Metal Cuff - Key

A silver key was shaped and attached with gold-filled wire to this nickel cuff.
Width: 2"
180- US$


Metal Cuff - Grande

A simple cuff hammered out of nickel.
Width: 2"
150- US$


Metal Cuff - Cross

The cross was overlaid on a wide nickel cuff and ‘sewn’ on with heavy gauge gold-filled wire.
Width: 2"
180- US$


Metal Cuff - Amethyst

A hammered silver cuff with a large amethyst bead ‘sewn’ on the center, surrounded with peacock pearls and faceted new jade.
Width: 1½"
280- US$


Metal Cuff - Dotwork

Hammered nickel cuff with an interesting shape to the edge, decorated with ‘Aboriginal’ dot work.
Width: ¾" to 1½"
200- US$


Metal Cuff - dotwork2

A variation of the Dotwork cuff. The shaping of the back and the pattern of the markings are different.
Width: 1½" to ¾"
200- US$


Metal Cuff - Viking

A narrow silver cuff decorated with brass studs. There are two widths. The larger one is suitable for a man's wrist. There is also a very dramatic necklace available. (see necklace section)

Width: ¾
200- US$


Metal Cuff - Viking 2

A wider version of the Viking cuff.
Width: 4¼"
Width: 1½"
220- US$


Metal Cuff - Enamel

A large piece of Italian coral has been ‘lashed’ onto this black enamel cuff with gold-filled wire.
Width: 2"
210- US$