Michelle York Designs

Note::Any of the designs that are made in Nickel can also be made in Silver.
Contact me.


Metal Pendant - Double Diamonds

Hammered nickel in an intricate shape. It can easily be attached to a cord of your choice or I can supply a chain.
Length: 3¼"
130- US$


Metal Pendant - Wings

This is an image created from a Tribal Tattoo drawing. Hammered in nickel.
Length: 4"
Width: 2¾"
180- US$


Metal Pendant - Flaming Heart

Tattoo designs have been used in some of these pendants. They are made in hammered nickel.
Length: 4¼"
Width: 2¾"
180- US$


Metal Pendant - Tribal

This is a section of a New Zealand tribal tattoo pattern replicated in Nickel.
Length: 3¼"
120- US$


Metal Pendant - Wheel

This is an impressive tribal piece. It would look great as stage wear for a musician or anyone wanting to make a dramatic statement. Hammered in Nickel.
Length: 3½"
Width: 3¾"
210- US$


Metal Pendant - Flight

This piece is another example of a Tribal Tattoo design hammered in Nickel.
Length: 4¾"
Width: 1¾"
140- US$


Metal Pendant - Intricate

Hammered in Nickel. It comes with an attached Silver chain.
Length: 4"
210- US$


Metal Pendant - Grid

A unique piece of hammered Nickel with Silver wire forming an interesting grid-like pattern.
Length: 3¼"
Width: 2¼"
150- US$


Metal Pendant - Mimi Spirit

The image of the Mimi Spirit plays a large role in the Australian Aboriginal culture. Done in silver with a rutilated quartz crystal and gold faceted Bali beads used in the ‘crown’ and at the base of the piece.
Length: 4¾"
Width: 3"
320- US$


Metal Pendant - Flower

The beads, all semi-precious; used on this pendant were ‘sewn’ on. Silver is the metal used in this unique piece.
Length: 3¼"
Width: 3"
200- US$


Metal Pendant - Overlay

A large agate slice was overlaid with a nickel outline.
Length: 4"
Width: 2½"
120- US$


Metal Pendant - Astrology

Any Astrological symbol or number can be translated into hammered metal. Prices will vary according to amount of work involved and the type of metal used.(Contact me and we can talk about it)
Priced according to materials used and the time making the piece.


Metal Pendant - Seven Stones

One large Amythest bead and 6 small rectangular beads were wired into an impressive piece of hammered silver. (May be worn on chain or a ribbon.)
Length: 4¼"
Width: 1½"
250- US$


Metal Pendant - Window

Hammered nickel made into a unique pendant.
Length: 2½"
80- US$


Metal Pendant - Open Heart

A smaller version of the Flaming Heart pendant. Attached with Silver Rollo chain and a silver clasp.
Length: 3¼"
150- US$


Metal Pendant - Enamel

Black enamel oval with a piece of Stick Coral ‘sewn’ on. There is a matching cuff.
Length: 2½"
120- US$


Metal Pendant - Fleur Des Lis

This nickel piece has the same dotwork pattern as the cuff and earrings.
Length: 3¼"
120- US$


Metal Pendant - Circles

There are earrings that match this nickel pendant.
Length: 1¾"
80- US$


Metal Pendant - Raine

A nickel pendant in an attractive shape. (Earrings can be ordered to match)
Length: 2¾"
80- US$


Metal Pendant - Jigsaw

There are earrings to match this pendant. ‘The missing piece to the puzzle of life’.
Length: 3¼"
90- US$


Metal Pendant - Tribal Oval

Another pendant in the Tribal Tattoo pattern series. Hammered in nickel.
Length: 4;"
180- US$